Digital Publishing with InDesign & in5

Whether you want to learn quickly or learn deeply, Ajar Academy courses will help you get your digital magazine, web, and mobile app projects created and published.

Need a leg up?

Ajar Academy video courses are designed to help you

  • Get published online
  • Create animation & interactivity without coding
  • Create mobile apps, or bypass the App Store if you prefer
  • Get your projects done & wow your clients

You can purchase any single course as a one-off or subscribe to get access to the entire library.

"Courses are taught well and with excellent clarity. I think it's excellent value for money!"

- David Bell, Independent Publisher

What's in the courses?

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Each one comes with several free preview videos so you can see what you're getting.

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"These videos gave me a few key nuggets that completely changed what I've been doing and opened so many possibilities."

- Autumn Gardner, Art Director

"Once I saw that Ajar Academy had Laurie Ruhlin as an instructor I knew these videos would be great. The lessons are highly relevant to any project and extremely valuable for any skill level."

- Craig Simpson, Illustrator & Designer