Digital Publishing with InDesign & in5

Whether you want to learn quickly or learn deeply, Ajar Academy courses will help you get your digital magazine, web, and mobile app projects created and published.

What's in the Academy for you?

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Need a leg up?

Ajar Academy video courses are designed to help you

  • Get published online
  • Create animation & interactivity without coding
  • Create digital magazines, websites, presentations, banner ads, and more with InDesign
  • Get your projects done & wow your clients

You can purchase any single course as a one-off or subscribe to get access to the entire library.

"Courses are taught well and with excellent clarity. I think it's excellent value for money!"

- David Bell, Independent Publisher

What's in the courses?

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"These videos gave me a few key nuggets that completely changed what I've been doing and opened so many possibilities."

- Autumn Gardner, Art Director

"Once I saw that Ajar Academy had Laurie Ruhlin as an instructor I knew these videos would be great. The lessons are highly relevant to any project and extremely valuable for any skill level."

- Craig Simpson, Illustrator & Designer